Saturday, December 13, 2014

The best rated soundbar of 2014 is the Samsung HW-H550

Take a moment and appreciate the sound show
 Do you often find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat while watching TV or even video gaming? In which case, perhaps it is simply because you are having problems listening to your Televesion's small built/in audio speakers. If this is the case, you are really going to want the samsung HW-H550 sound bar system so that you can hear your Televesion's videos and video games exactly how they were meant to. The HW-H550 soundbar throws wave after wave of audio throughout the room resulting in the greatest sound experience. In addition, it includes a wireless bass speaker which tops off the surround-sound with thunderous bass. The only real occasion you will end up on the edge of the chair will be while playing an intense video game or perhaps enjoying a new suspenseful film.
 Numerous set up choices offers you total audio control
 The slim HW-H550 can rest on your TV stand or be mounted on your wall. You’re able to place the subwoofer just about anywhere. It connects wirelessly by bluetooth and can be setup anywhere. That's correct, you dont have to worry about hanging cables and wires all over. The bass is so powerful all of your neighbors will probably hear its powerful roar coming from deep inside of your living room area. Are you worried all those ridiculously loud action scenes will probably awaken sleeping little ones or your significant other? The Smart Volume feature puts a stop to radical changes in sound level, either within a movie or while watching TV with annoyingly loud commercial interruptions.

 Bluetooth enabled connectivity improves what you can do
 Sync the sound bar with your smartphone and play your favorite songs straight from it. It offers Bluetooth onboard, allowing you to wirelessly stream your favorite songs through your smartphone into the sound bar to get vibrant, full range audio of which floods your living room. You can also start up the bar with your Bluetooth-compatible phone simply by pairing them. Should you have a Bluetooth-compatible Samsung TV, you can actually hook up the HW-H550 to it wirelessly, offering you a lot more setup flexibility. That's a lot more Bluetooth functionality than we're accustomed to seeing in bars or most other home audio components.
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 A USB port, as well
 The HW-H550 provides yet another great function not found on a lot of bars: a USB slot. It is possible to load up a usb drive using your favorite digital music, pop it drive in the rear-panel port, and leave it there, so you always have music cued up and ready to play. Even with a wall-mounted sound bar, you won't lose access to the USB port. The Samsung sound-bar, contains an adapter along with a wire so that you can easy access the slot even when it is installed to the wall.

 It does not get much better than this
The top end 1500$ Paradigm sound-bar could have some what better audio, however it will certainly put a massive hole in your audio spending budget. The HW-H550 truly provides major surroundsound to the table in comparison with other sound-bars in the price range. If you have the budget, going with the Paradigm sound bar would be the best option. However, if your looking for great sound at an even better price the HW-H550 wins hands down.